Jim Morrison on True Blood?

Well Maybe not quite….“True Blood” will be bringing a newer, gentler vampire on board with Luke Grimes (“Brothers & Sisters”) slated for a reoccurring role as James, a vampire made in the 1970’s.

Sexy James is described as “smart, spiritual, and emotionally deeper” than any previous vampires on the show. He is Jim Morrison meets Gary Clark Jr. with a “poet’s edge,” which gives him a similar effect over the ladies as fairy blood has on vampires.

Grimes will make his appearance midway through the show’s upcoming sixth season, which will premiere in June despite major turnover in production. Recently it was announced that showrunner Mark Hudis, who took over the task from show creator Alan Ball, had stepped down mid-way through shooting to hand the reins to Bryan Buckner.

source: yidio

Season Six “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

According to the Spoiler fairy who dropped by Spoiler TV, the first Episode of True Blood in Season Six is titled Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.

A little snippet of information on the story line was also left by the sweet sweet fae:

| Three co-star roles are being cast for the episode: two Caddo Parish sheriff deputies, for a scene in which they politely pay Sam a visit at his house; and a male Authority guard, who sees something he can’t believe in the AHO Control Room. |

One possibility:

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