Better Support

Girls you know how it is, we all need a good support bra now and then. It is hard to find. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our men would take a hint from Eric Northman and just lend a hand or two when needed? I know I wouldn’t mind in the least. Hell, maybe I will just put a call into Northman. I don’t think he would mind in the least. Surely we could work out some type of arrangement.

2 thoughts on “Better Support

  1. He’s gripping her neck/chin but he is very gentle with the breast… he obviously doesn’t wanna hurt the puppies.

    Why didn’t I get the call to be the stand-in or double for this scene?? A bit of miscommunication is going on in the TB offices.

  2. I mean, technically, he probably should be supporting her waist. But yes the puppies need support. And ever so gently too. He knows the value of them.

    Oh you were on the list too?