Alexander Enjoys Day Three at Coachella

The first weekend at Coachella 2014 and Alex had brother Bill and a cadre of friends on hand to enjoy the music, food and fans all weekend. By all the photos it seems to be a great success!!

Will put up the many fan photos Alex was gracious enough to pose for later in the day!!

Now who is willing to crash the gates with me next weekend? lol

“Kon-Tiki” Up For Best Foreign Language Golden Globe & Academy Award


Kon-Tiki is a historical drama about Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. In 1947 he wanted to proved that South American people during the Pre-Columbian period populated Polynesia using balsa wood rafts. To do so he recreated rafts using materials and construction from that time period and made the 4300 nautical mile journey across the Pacific with a crew of five. Gustaf Skarsgård, younger brother to Alexander Skarsgård, plays Bengt Danielsson, one of the five crew on board the Kon-Tiki.

The movie has already won many awards in Scandinavia and has been nominated for both the Golden Globe and Academy Award here in the United States. It is the best selling movie in Norway, almost 900,000 in a country of 5 million. The Norwegian Film Institute reported that The Weinstein Company of the US has bought the film for viewing rights in the US, Canada, the UK and Italy.

Wrath of Gods: The Making of Beowulf and Grendel

At the beginning of July 2004, Canadian filmmakers Sturla Gunnarsson, Paul Stephens, Andrew Rai Berzins and Eric Jordan went to Iceland to make a movie, a co-production between Canada, the U.K. and Iceland. The cast included Gerard Butler (300, The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen, How To Train Your Dragon), Stellan Skarsgard (Pirates of the Caribbean, Good Will Hunting), Ronan Vibert, Sarah Polley, Eddie Marsan, Tony Curran and Ingvar Sigurdsson. It was the beginning of the most difficult project any of them had ever been a part of. …

…After moving the whole company to the town of Hofn on the east coast of Iceland, the production was sent off with a Pagan blessing, performed by Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, a composer and the high priest of the ancient Norse Asatru religion. There he called upon Odin, Thor and Baldur to protect the production. Right at the end of the ceremony Sturla fell and hit his head on the rocky beach. His Icelandic co-workers eagerly shared the old Icelandic superstition that falling at the start made for a prosperous journey. Two hours later the Pagan priest himself slipped on the rocks at the Hofn beach and broke three ribs. The story of Beowulf & Grendel includes the introduction of Christianity into a Pagan society and the inevitable struggle between the two religions. That Saturday night, some of the producers started wondering if the Pagan ritual had angered the wrong god. Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast and crew started joking about the “curse” but as time went on the jokes gained a more serious undertone.

Getting a Viking boat replica to use in the film had proven to be extremely difficult and expensive, but sailing a Viking boat through an iceberg passage was one of the scenes that had Gunnarsson refused to give up. Only one of those boats exists in Iceland and even if it had been sailed across the North Atlantic to celebrate the Millennium, it had been in a museum for a couple of years and was drying up. The owners wouldn’t do any work on the ship till they had a guaranteed payment from the film producers, so the ship wasn’t transported to the filming location till the eleventh hour. Once it made it to the Iceberg Lagoon and was lowered into the water, it leaked so badly that it would have sunk in minutes. It had to be taken out of the water again and repaired. The film crew got ready for their only chance of filming a Viking boat sailing in between the icebergs.

On Sunday night, a passenger van carrying members of the crew on their way to the filming location had a head-on collision with an SUV on the longest single lane bridge in Iceland. Both vehicles were totalled, but for some unbelievable luck no one was seriously injured. That same night the crew received word that the Viking boat would actually be able to float, or at least appear to float when they were to start filming six hours later. The captain had managed to make the boat float by installing two industrial strength pumps, and they could not be turned off for more than a minute, or the boat would sink. The life expectancy in the Iceberg Lagoon is around 3 minutes, perhaps 4 if you keep your head above water and your arms close to your body. The notion that everyone was at the mercy of the elements and higher powers was evident from that first day of the shoot.

Buy or rent the movie online at the movies website: Wrath of Gods

Zentropa Video On Demand Starting May 18th

On May 18th Lars von Trier’s company, Zentropia, will be the first indie film company to launch a video on demand service for its vierwers. Its entire catalog of movies from 1984 debut Element of Crime to this year’s Foreign Language Oscar winner, In A Better World will be available.

The prices will range from $1.44 for TV episodes and films to $5.75 for new releases.

At this time I do not believe it will include Melancholia since it does have distribution deals in other countries, but for those countries that may not get distribution deals this means we will be able to watch it sometime in the future. In all, the current catalog will include over 100 titles.

The site is located at

Skarsgårds Attend “The King’s Speech” Audi Party

Audi Celebrates The King’s Speech Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles was attending by, among others, Alexander Skarsgård, his father Stellan and brother Gustaf. Among other party goers were Mick Jagger, Mickey Rooney and of course Colin Firth. What a gathering that must have been!

Images: WiredImage, JustJared