Alexander Skarsgård Out and About In L.A.

Alexander is enjoying a beautiful day out in Los Angeles on Thursday April 14th 2014. Who can blame the hunky star? Still looking buff and probably look forward to another fun filled weekend at Coachella with friends. Need an extra?



True Blood Whispers

So instead, let’s just say this about the Gus that is showing up on “True Blood“: While he seems to be bad in his own right, he’s not a carbon-copy of the one that Giancarlo Esposito played on the hit AMC series. According to a new report from E! News, this Gus is a man of Japanese dissent who has come to the south and embraced a pompous, big-time lifestyle. This alone makes him an interesting character … but he is also going to be someone with a habit for causing trouble. Revenge is going to be on his mind, and it could be of the nasty, violent, Emily Thorne variety.

There is no casting news for this character yet, but this doesn’t really surprise us given how coy HBO has been about most of their characters as of late. They want to keep the element of surprise intact for their final ten episodes, which are most likely going to premiere at the end of June based on the schedule that we’ve seen for “Game of Thrones.” In between this show and “Boardwalk Empire,” we’re going to be saying goodbye to quite a bit of good stuff on HBO this year.


Dinner with Alexander

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True Blood Season 7 Chatter


HBO’s True Blood will begin its seventh and final season this summer, and the characters we have come to know and love (or hate) in Bon Temps will soon sign off the air for good. But that doesn’t mean the show wouldn’t throw a few new characters into the mix.

The following piece from the “Ask Ausiello” column at TVLine reveals that a mysterious new character could appear as early as the premiere episode:

“Will we meet any new villains during True Blood’s final season? -Tom
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. Last week, the show put out a casting call for the cryptic-sounding menace, ‘The Figure.’ He’s described as ‘scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.’ Curiously, this Figure dude will appear in the season premiere – an episode that (presumably) finished shooting more than two months ago.”

In other final season news, it looks like Arlene might get a new love interest during these final 10 episodes. The “Spoiler Chat” column at E! Online reports the following from Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene on the show:

“Give me something to sink my teeth into on True Blood, please?
Have you heard about Arlene’s new vampire ‘friend?’ ‘I haven’t met Riley Smith yet, but he is certainly very talented and I’m really looking forward to working with him and seeing what the writers do with that storyline,’ Carrie Preston told us. The vamp may be enamored with her, but will Arlene fall under his spell? ‘We do know that Arlene has not been the most open-minded person throughout the series, so I myself am curious to see how open she lets her mind go.’”

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