Alexander Enjoys Day Three at Coachella

The first weekend at Coachella 2014 and Alex had brother Bill and a cadre of friends on hand to enjoy the music, food and fans all weekend. By all the photos it seems to be a great success!!

Will put up the many fan photos Alex was gracious enough to pose for later in the day!!

Now who is willing to crash the gates with me next weekend? lol

Alexander Getting Ready for Tarzan

While out dining and looking very nice we might add, Alex wasted no time in getting ready for his upcoming role in Tarzan. The book he is carrying is about King Leopold of Belgium who took great advantage of the Belgium colony of the Congo. He used slave forces in the mines and pleas from Americans fell on deaf ears.


If you want to keep up with Alex, you can find the book here:


Skarsgård Out and About Looking Hot!

Alexander, with a friend, visited Lemonade on March 27th for a bit of refreshment. Decked out in his favorite color of late, black, he is clearly showing that nice buff body looking like his upcoming role in Tarzan.

We appreciate the view Herr Alexander!!


Alexander Skarsgård and Walking With the Wounded


Recently NBC broadcasted an American version of Walking With the Wounded documentary. It fortunately had more Alexander Skarsgård in it than the English version. And we are thankful!!

Also there have been little snippets of film NOT shown in the special. And they give us a great look at Alexander’s sense of humor and also his great support for his comrades. This summer, a.k.a winter for the Northern Hemisphere, was an extremely harsh one and shortened the time that even the scientists had to spend at the South Pole.

Alexander helped keep the spirits up when everyone was lagging. The American Spokesman for the trek showed that he has the heart of our dear American soldiers whom he helped to represent.

The expedition started as a race, but the weather took its toll on all involved. The main participants were soldiers from all over the world, who had been wounded in combat. It was a trek of endurance and courage as they all overcame their injuries to make this over land odyssey.

Below are a few gifs that show Alex at his best. A good, strong soul intent on keeping spirits up.

Alexander in Cape Town before the initial flight to the Antarctic.

Harsh realities of the South Pole

Fixing Dinner for a Prince…

Alexander Skarsgård Wallpaper

Thanks Siegrun!